I might be getting one (cuz with my plan it’ll be free)

Though there are app games I need to play.
I know Layton Brothers: Mystery Room will play on it.
But I don’t know if Rhythm Thief and the Paris Caper will.

Paris Caper is optimized for the Iphone 5, though I’m not sure what that means.

Will it only play on that and future versions of the iphone regardless if I have the correct iOS version ?

I don’t know.

But It’s essential I am able to play both games.

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…I spilled milk and i’m crying not to make a pun

Perhaps blurring my vision everytime I see something involving TWD Season 2 is a bad idea and I should probably start so I can join discussions and stuff.

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I couldn’t resist.

Apologies to those people who won’t understand the comic, i’m just set to burst with too many thoughts that I need to let it out.

Part 1 | Part 3

Incoming Part 2